Ignition Replacement

The ignition switch plays a vital role in the security of your car by locking the steering wheel in place if the key is not inserted. Diego’s Locksmith provides top-notch ignition repair in San Diego to help you avoid the repercussions of dealing with a damaged ignition.  Although it is not much of a theft deterrent, it prevents the car from starting without a key. Although it is uncommon to experience problems with this component, one thing is for sure; a damaged ignition switch can be a significant issue that requires a professional.
Most people usually wait until there’s an emergency for them to search online for ignition replacement near me, which barely guarantees quality, professional services. Fortunately, faulty ignition switch symptoms are easily identified before ignition replacement or repair is done. So, how do you know your ignition is defective? Here are some common signs to look out for before consulting an expert locksmith for auto ignition repair.

Key Doesn’t Turn

When you are having difficulty turning the key, your key is not aligning correctly, caused by excessive wear and tear. Although it might turn eventually, it can become worse over time if it is not dealt with. Whenever you notice that the key is not going in the lock as expected, you should consult an expert to avoid further degradation of the lock. If your ignition is severely damaged, you can rely on our professional team for quality ignition replacement in San Diego.

Car Won’t Start

The ignition coil uses the power from the car battery to ignite the spark so that the car can start. If there’s something wrong with the ignition switch, the car won’t start, which is inconvenient. It is advisable first to check the battery, but the best place to start is the ignition. A faulty ignition system can also drain the battery, resulting in constant problems getting the car started.

Dashboard Lights Flicker

This is usually common in older cars, where the ignition experiences wear and tear over time. One of the first signs that your ignition switch is worn out is that you do not hear the clicking of the primary relay. It is essential to check the dashboard or try putting your key into the other position to see if the dashboard is still dark. If this is the case, you should consult a professional locksmith for ignition replacement or repair. Our experts have the tools and expertise needed to handle the complex wiring involved in auto ignition repair.

Car Stalls While Driving

A common problem that most cars with ignition problems experience is cutting out for no reason as you drive. This is a sign that it’s not getting sufficient power, and this is usually related to problems with the battery or ignition system. If your car suddenly cuts out, it is advisable to stop and call for help.
At Diego’s Locksmith, we have a well-trained and experienced team dedicated to helping you satisfy your lock needs. Contact us today for more information on our range of services, including ignition replacement in San Diego.

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